Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

There has been a recent movement within feminism embracing body hair that has been tratidionally removed in western society for ages as part of the beautification process. Legs and pits ladies. We’ve all been there, most of us feel like it’s a chore, or a luxury. ONE. MORE. THING. We have to do to live up to impossible beauty standards.

For those women who have decided to go au natural foregoing the shaving process? Go for it. You do you. Just remember there are some folks out there, like myself, who enjoy the clean shaven look and feel. I really do not care what society thinks of my appearance, and Hubs loves me even in the midst of all my hairy I haven’t had a decent shower in weeks glory. I just prefer to have smooth hairless legs and pits.

To be honest, I get tired of reading articles and engaging in debates with people, being constantly told that the only reason I truly feel the desire to shave is because I’ve been conditioned by cultural pressure and blah blah blah. Nope. I just enjoy the feeling of clean shaven legs on warm fresh out of the dryer sheets. Always have, and always will. There really isn’t some deep rooted cultural misunderstanding. I just enjoy it!

Most people I speak to are okay with accepting that ideal, depending on how well you know me. But to those who still and forever desperately try to change my mind: just stop it already. Telling me I only enjoy shaving because of deep rooted subconscious conditioning is definitely not the way to change my mind. Telling me I only to anything due to some sort of subconscious conditioning doesn’t go over really well, but certainly not this shaving thing. I started shaving all of my body hair almost as soon as it started growing in, BEFORE I knew that it was trendy or what a man might like to see on or rather off of a woman. I just don’t like it, and no amount of lecturing me about patriarchy is going to change my mind.

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