Two Steps Forward, Three Back

I love my husband.

I love our new home.

I hate Indiana.

My Little B2 has to start his therapy from scratch. They won’t even look at his IEP from Ohio, which really boils my blood. Going through the state in Ohio they said often they would receive IEP’s from out of state and it made their evaluations easier knowing what to look for. They welcomed them in fact!

Indiana? Won’t even entertain the idea of an outside source of information or treatment history. So we have to wait however long for the evaluation and everything else before he can continue his therapy AND his therapist noticed that one of his feet turns in last week so he needs a brace according to Ohio but who knows according to Indiana?! He was also supposed to get his sensory profile updated because he’s been having more meltdowns the older and more active he gets. I’m not saying that as an antonym for a normal toddler tantrum. No, these are definitely sensory overload meltdowns.

After he works with his physical therapist he will just scream and cry and kick for at least an hour. Nothing I do will sooth him, and he’s not able to sooth himself either. The first time I put on his shoes and stood him up to walk he screamed at the top of his lungs and flailed until his shoes came off. He’s finally gotten past soft textures, but for the longest time he wouldn’t even put his feet down on the carpet. He would hold his legs up forever, but he wouldn’t let his feet touch anything soft or plush like carpet. But he was also crawling around in mulch at the park yesterday with no issues, he’s taken to hitting things/people to get attention, he hits HARD, and he bangs his head into things for entertainment value. It seems to just be his feet that bother him so I’m not entirely sure if it is truly a sensory issue overall or something specifically wrong with his feet.

I just know my Littlest Little isn’t able to calm himself down as quickly after new and stressful situations the same way his brother and sister are, and it’s getting more noticeable. Throwing a wrench in his therapy progression certainly isn’t going to help any of that. *sigh* Parenting is hard.

2 thoughts on “Two Steps Forward, Three Back

  1. Parenting is the most difficult job of all, the most exhausting, and the most enduring….bless you and your little one. Our children demand our finest patience, our intellect to help them and so much more. You will survive and thrive I know…and so will your little guy….one day at a time and your tenacious search for answers for him. Love and prayers.


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