We’ve gotten a lot accomplished with the house so far. All the old flooring is out, most of the painting is done, and as you can see in my picture here Hubs got a little over zealous and even took out some walls. Lol. 

Actually, for whatever reason those walls were recently added, and not well either. It worked out because by taking them out we no longer have to worry about repair or replacing Demon Cat damage. I kind of lost my cozy writing room, but I think it makes the entire aesthetic of the house flow a lot better. Plus now the fireplace looks like it belongs there instead of being sectioned off the way it was. 

I also got a really good start on Little’s room, and nearly finished painting in the kitchen too. One more coat in Little’s room, and I can start the detail work. She has been adamant about receiving her purple room with pink butterflies. She was pretty excited when she saw the purple, now she’s waiting for her butterflies. We got some of those vinyl adhesive things, but I think I might paint some butterflies on her wall too. I haven’t decided yet. 

I have no idea what to do with the Twins’ room. We got a light green for their walls but as far as decor goes I’m at a loss. I wanted to get some canvas prints of a few photos I had representing each of their personalities, but I missed the sale opportunity and I don’t feel like spending $120 on pictures that will likely be ruined at some point in the near future just to decorate lol. 

B2 and I are heading up today for his blood work and so I can finish the painting before Hubs starts laying floor. It’s kind of exciting having time with just B2. I feel like I don’t really get to interact with him as much as B1 and Little. I take care of him, obviously, but we don’t seem to have bonded quite as closely. B1 is always running around going Mama, or Mommy every five minutes until I acknowledge him with a hug or response of his own name. Little is getting jealous of her brothers and slightly insecure here as we start the transition from the apartment to the house so when I’m not answering B1’s Mommies, I’m trying to listen and play with Little or comfort her insecurities and ease her anxiety. B2 kind of gets left in the dust, and unless someone steals a toy from him, sits on him, or pushes him over he really doesn’t seem to mind that I’m preoccupied with the other kids. He brings me toys and we play the same toddler games that B1 plays but he’s also content to sit by himself flipping through board books or zooming his cars. 

I’m looking forward to some mommy son time with him. Not so much taking him to get his blood drawn, but the rest of the trip will be special. He said “Lub you” when I was putting him to bed tonight and it made my heart melt with feels. The first “love you” is always special, no matter who it comes from, but especially when it comes from your Littles.