If Prostitution is Legalized…A Personal and Political View

The Disobedient Feminist

Everyday at lunch when it is nice out, I walk across the street to a little café and buy a bag of chips as a snack. And invariably I end up getting catcalled.

For me, the gauntlet of sexual harassment began early, as I developed beginning around 12, and until about 18 I looked much older than my years (one could say I eventually caught up). This gauntlet consisted of whistles, hoots, lewd comments, stalking as I walked home, groping, threatening comments if I didn’t respond – and many times there was some sort of combination. Many readers will understand what it is like to suddenly become public property. It was especially disconcerting for me as I never “identified” with being traditionally feminine and was, for a while, a straight up tomboy, with the athleticism to match the attitude. Then I developed breasts and an ass, and everything I understood…

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