The Same Old Story

Loud Thoughts Voiced Out


It’s the same old story
That night at a party,
A drink every minute
But I never said you could.

It’s the same old story
Last evening in your cubicle,
I was doing my job
The description never said you.

It’s the same old story
This morning in a crowded bus,
My naked legs where your hands end
What could you do?

It’s the same old story
My desperate No is a drunk Yes
My reflex step back is begging to be touched
If only you knew the truth.

It’s the same old story
He’s a swimmer, not a rapist
She’s immoral, not a victim
“We’re sorry, let it go.”

It’s the same old story
It’s man bashing.
I mean, how can he be raped?
Isn’t all we want what he got?

It’s the same old story
Virginity is only for me.
For him, it’s sex.
She can’t be the…

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One thought on “The Same Old Story

  1. In our denial, self centered viewpoint, and general desire to ignore that bad things happen to people every day we end up diminishing or explaining away the harm that we do or allow. Only by speaking up and bringing these things to light and saying, “It is not acceptable to let this go on!” can we make change. Thank you for sharing this.

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