House of Hale 3.0

She’s ours!! It’s official: Hubs and I are homeowners again. We closed last Friday, and spent the rest of the weekend tearing out all the things lol.

Our sellers just didn’t care by the time they were moving out, so we got left with a truck load of junk, and random furniture. We also inherited one of the Demon Cats that found its way into the garage, a random computer tower, blue ray player, and a nice stainless gas grill. Some of it’s kind of cool, but most of it is just junk they didn’t want to move or wouldn’t be picked up in the trash.

This, right here is my favorite place in the house. It needs Love, but this little space is my writing nook. Hubs is going to cut out a hole and make it into a desk for me, and I am going to basically live in this room from sun up until sun down when I’m not chasing kids around everywhere.

This is the rest of my writing space. It will be so cozy in the winter with a fire going, and so cool in the summer with the breeze flowing through my French doors there.

This is my enormous kitchen. Everything is getting torn out and redone. The cabinets are original 1960’s cabinets. I don’t even know how they’re still functioning honestly lol, but they’ll work while we get everything else ready and moved in. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE how open it is. There is so much room I’m not entirely sure what to do with myself. It is an eat in kitchen so the table will go in there by the window, but even with our six person table in there it’s more than big enough. I’m so excited to cook big family meals again. Like seriously so excited.

Right outside of my writing nook, is my giant livingroom with the wall of window. I love the wall of window. I love all the natural light in every room honestly. I’m really hoping that we can vault the ceiling, just because I love vaulted ceilings, lol, and it opens up the space giving it that modern architectural touch. We haven’t explored the attic yet to check it out, but I have my fingers crossed. You can also see some of the lovely Demon Cat damage here. Pretty much all of the trim in the entire house looks like that, so it’s all getting torn out and replaced.

Little’s room, Twins’ room, and our room. For some reason the previous owners of this house started a million projects but never finished any of them, so the Twins’ room has really nice hardwood floors, but the rest of the house is covered in dirty shag/plush carpet. It’s all coming out and being replaced. We’re actually doing hardwood through out, and recarpeting the bedrooms. Even the vinyl in the kitchen is coming up.

Everything really needs to be updated and redone. Literally everything. The outside is in the same state of disrepair as the inside, but I kind of like having the projects to work on. I thought I really wanted new construction, until I got started on all the projects. Now I’m kind of having fun making this ramshackle little place our own.

It is smaller than what we were going for originally, but still bigger than the house we sold last year. Plus the place was an absolute steal being such a mess. We walked into it with almost $15k in equity BEFORE we made any updates. Getting it all fixed up will only continue to increase the value. And it’s not a trailer in the middle of nowhere! Winning all around really.

I never thought of myself as the kind of person who would enjoy flipping a house, but I kind of am. Lol. Our last house was a complete remodel too. We used my inheritance after my grandparents passed away to buy that one. Buying it outright we made a great return. This one is our first mortgaged property just so we could invest most of the profits from the first house elsewhere. If the market stays as insane as it is around here right now in three years? We’re looking at almost doubling our investment.

So y’know. No, it’s really not what I wanted when we first started this real estate adventure, but I actually think this is better. We’ll definitely get a better return out of this property than we would have with a new build, so I’m happy with it. Happiness is what you make it, and my Hale House 3.0 is perfect. 😁

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