Little Boy Blue

Some kids have seizures when they get a virus and develop a fever. My kid? He turns blue, scaring the crap out of me, while I rush him to the ER. Again… for the same thing, which they misdiagnosed as “dehydration” the last go around. 

This time we were lucky enough to have a pediatrician on duty, so little B1 got much more thorough care and we finally learned that this is something he will generally always do after a viral infection with a fever. He’s so pale as his body restricts the blood vessels in his limbs, which happens to everyone when they feel cold, all of the blue veins just become highly visible. Nothing is really wrong, he just needs some Motrin to bring his fever down and then it goes away.

If I had gotten that diagnosis the FIRST TIME, I wouldn’t have taken him back to the ER, but since I was told it was dehydration and not related to a fever last time I got scared when the usual regimen of pedialyte and water didn’t clear it up. I didn’t think about Motrin since I checked his temp and it only read 98.4. Of course when we got to the ER it registered at 100.3 and then everything made sense. 

Ugh…. I’m just thrilled that it’s nothing seriously wrong with him. I wish I would have been able to get him into out pediatrician’s office first but that will be a lot easier once we get back in the same state.