I’m going through a med change so I need to take a break from focusing on SAAM. My emotions are going all over the place right now, but these new meds will help reverse my weight gain, and should help me take off a little more. So far I really can’t tell much of a difference, aside from the initial adjustment shock to my system anyway. Which is a GOOD thing. I was so happy on my first med, like literally happy and also supremely content with it. Everything leveled out and it was awesome… except for the weight gain. 

I was already at the top of my BMI range before I packed on all the extra weight, so as happy as my brain was my metabolism couldn’t keep up and the combination had me heading toward dangerous obesity. With heart disease and diabetes on both sides on my family, I take my weight very seriously. I don’t care so much about my SIZE, but my actual weight and BMI is important. 

SO… now I’m in the flux again right as we officially closed on the house and have started all of the major renovations lol. Hubs is kind of glad the kids and I aren’t moving until June with me being an emotional spaz right now lol. These new meds do give me quite a dose of energy though. I had to adjust my doseage timing because I couldn’t sleep. I guess that’s why this particular med makes you lose weight if you’re running around on 11 all the time lol. Anyway… I should be back to my crusade for SAAM in a few days once I’ve leveled off and can form emotionally rational thoughts.