Thank You, Mr. President? 

So… last Friday, President Trump made a declaration about April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Which… you all know how I feel about him being in office with so many allegations of sexual assault against him. (I’m opposed for my new followers) Yet, SAAM and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center are TRENDING for the first time that I can recall, in my past three years of involvement with the project. 

I’m offended by the blantant hypocrisy, and insencerity. I’m also kind of excited that SAAM is actually trending, simply for the sake of awareness. I’m not going to call it a silver lining, because that’s unfair to the victims. Not just victims who made allegations against the President, but any victim who hasn’t reached a place where they can comfortably be bombarded with discussions of sexual assault in the media. 

I don’t know what I would do if my assailant got elected to a public office and I had to see his face everywhere all the time, surrounded in heated debates about a crime that is so personal in nature to so many people. It’s not in anyway a silver lining to the dark cloud of the suffering of so many victims.

AND in the fight against those who would silence the survivors who have overcome so much; regained their voice, the battle of awareness and tides of change this is a huge victory. I mean, I can’t go anywhere on social media with out seeing this trend still, even days later. Conversations are starting. People who wouldn’t otherwise speak up are speaking up. Victims who were otherwise unaware of resources available to them, have access to that information now. 

I mean, to be frank, that’s the goal of raising awareness. That’s the goal of the Slut Walks. That’s the goal of the Pussy Hats. The goal is to be outrageous, and to stir emotions and to get people talking. Even in his hypocrisy and insincerity President Trump has managed to do more for that side of things in 24hrs than the NSVRC has been able to accomplish in at least the past three years with thousands of volunteers, and participants in their endeavors. 

Former President Obama is the one who started the anual declaration of SAAM in 2009, but I never heard a word about it until 2015 on Pinterest of all places. In 24hrs President Trump did more to benefit SAAM than Former President Obama managed to do in seven years. Maybe, just maybe, the hypocrisy is the salt that will irritate a wounded society in the United States enough that things finally start to heal? 

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  1. While (as you can guess) I am far from convinced that he is being insincere, I am glad at anything that helps the cause. Too bad Bill’s insincerity didn’t help back in the day.

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