It happened. An author’s worst nightmare. My laptop died, a mere two chapters away from finishing my book and sending it off to the proof readers before publishing. The day after I finally announced I had almost finished it. Wtf life?! 

Thankfully, I had all of my previous drafts saved on an external hard drive. When my new computer gets here, I’ll be able to start over with the final edits. Again. Although this final draft was really coming together well. Everything seemed to flow easily, and most of it was correcting spelling and grammatical errors. It only took me about four days to get through it so… I just have to wait for Amazon and hope I can transfer my word processing program without having to buy another license. 

It was a trusty steed, my original MacBook. I got it refurbished four years ago and it lived a full long life being almost 12 years old. That’s practically unheard of these days in terms of technology lol. It definitely served its purpose. It just crapped out on me when I was SO CLOSE to finishing this book. SO. CLOSE. 

*sigh* My long time readers know how well patience and Kelli go together. (The answer is not very well new folks) Which is probably why exciting things in my life keep getting delayed. Eventually I guess I’ll learn this patience thing then maybe I’ll be allowed to finish my book. lol. 

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  1. haha…well this does sound like a nightmare…but look at it as if it was God’s plan to have u publish a better draft and hence the rework…
    P.S. 12 years is bloody long!

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