A Perfect Ending 

Friday I finished out my 2017 CrossFit competition season. I might participate in a few local competitions if I stay healthy after we move, but I won’t be advancing nationally past The Open. Obviously. Lol. I haven’t trained daily in almost six months, but I did finish the 2017 Open with several personal victories. 

17.5, the final of 5 anual workouts to start the serious competition to see who with participate in the CrossFit Games this summer, was the first competitive workout I’ve been able to complete as prescribed. Bonus: it’s also the first work out I’ve finished WAY under the time cap! Until Friday I’ve always scraped by with seconds to spare when it comes to time cap work outs, or had to take my penalty for the reps I didn’t complete. I’m especially excited about being able to finish all of the reps considering I’ve been sick. 

When I started out, my goal was just to take my time and get as many reps in as I could. I never really anticipated being able to complete the entire thing on the heels of a four day stomach virus, but I was feeling better and had eaten well for two days so I decided to give it a shot and see what happened. 

Little decided that she wanted to work out with me, which I was thrilled with. So we got out all her equipment and I did the warm up with her, showing her the ropes of the basic movement with her barbell.

We need to work on her form… a lot… lol but she was thrilled to be doing something with me after the Twins went to bed, and I was excited to have her interested in working out with me, even if her movements aren’t quite up to par just yet.

The workout was 9 thrusters with a 45lb barbell, and 35 single jumps with a jump rope equaling one round, all in all completing ten rounds for time < 40 minutes. Thrusters are kind of like if you combine a front squat, and shoulder press into one hell of a movement. They’re really taxing at any weight, and any substantial number of reps just because so many different muscle groups go into it. 

Since I practice at home with a men’s standard bar, it was unloaded and equal to the required 45lbs, which slowed me down a little bit. I had to actually pick it up off of the floor and set it down after every set instead of being able to drop it, like I usually do when I’m loaded up with bumper plates. Yeah, yeah, all the classic weight lifters are smirking because it’s “lazy” to use the bumpers and drop the bar. Whatever. 

I also couldn’t find my jump rope anywhere. I think it’s still in storage somewhere… so I had to improvise! 

Yes. That’s an Ethernet cable/jump rope. Lol. Hubs was teasing me and saying it was my “high speed” jump rope. You know what, if CrossFitters in Africa can make weights out of concrete and car parts, I can use an Ethernet cable as a jump rope. The work is the same lol. I’m not sure if it will still function as an Ethernet cable after being swung around and twisted up, but it served its purpose for me as a rope lol.

Anyway… I set my gym timer for a 40min count down thinking I would never finish all the work before the time cap and got to work. I split the set of 9 into 3×3 just leisurely taking my time, making sure I maintained my form, didn’t over do it, kept an eye of Little who was following along every few reps until she got bored and went off to do something else. It wasn’t until I got to round five and looked at the clock to realize actually finishing the thing was possible if I sped up my pace just a hair, taking a few less seconds to rest in between thrusters. So I did, and voila! 

All ten rounds completely in not only less than 40 minutes, but less than 30!! 28:57 was my official time, and I wish I had set my clock to count UP instead of down so I would have a shiny screen cap of that number. Instead I just have the remaining time. 

My time isn’t all that impressive considering the pro-athletes all got around 10 minutes lol, but I’m still proud of it! It’s a damn impressive time on the heels of a stomach virus, way out of shape/practice! I’ve been crossfitting for three years, participated in the Open two out of those three, and this was the first Open work out I’ve been able to complete significantly under the time cap. That means a lot. 

Completing my trifecta of awesome: I got my first tear from the barbell knurling! It’s kind of like a reckless CrossFit badge of honor, ripping your hands to shreds being so focused on completing the task presented to you lol. Again the body builders, and power lifters: *groan* 

I feel like I “won” CrossFit this week, with Little cheering me on all the way. I can’t wait to get back to my gym in Indy, and get my own equipment set up in the garage at home! I will lose these extra pounds, even if I need to stay on my meds. 🏋🏻‍♀️💪🏻

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