I Did A Thing

So this was supposed to be a birthday surprise for my Hubs, but he kept pestering me about it so I made it an anniversary present instead. I booked a boudoir photo shoot! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for him for a long time now, but every time I got my physic down to what I considered “acceptable” for it I wound up pregnant or we didn’t have the extra cash.

So I’m pretty excited about it! It’s just a little extra something to keep me motivated to work towards knocking off these extra pounds I’ve acquired with my meds. I can already feel a difference in my metabolism since I’ve started working out regularly again so fingers crossed! The shoot is actually the weekend of my birthday, so I might take the whole weekend and make it a spa date. Get done up all pretty, take some risqué photos for my man; then head out on the town. Lol. 

And no, sorry, but none of the photos will be making an appearance here or anywhere else on social media so, don’t get your hopes up. They are just for my Hubs’ viewing pleasure, and a little bit selfish too. After years of being sexually objectified and abused before I really knew any better, by doing this for my Hubs, whom I love and trust completely, I’m reclaiming my own sexuality. Hubs loves me just as I am, any size, shape, mood or otherwise. Intimacy with him is a bonus to our relationship not the entire reason we’re together in the first place. 

Now he gets to reap the rewards of supporting me through my recovery and self discovery. 😍

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