House Master

We’ve finished everything we need to do on our end of the home buying process, the inspection went well, and as long as the sellers keep up their end of the deal we’ll be moving by mid May, or early June!! 🎉🎉🎉 

We actually close in April, but since the house was so significantly under our original budget we’re going to go ahead and remodel the interior the way we want it before we move in. Plus our lease isn’t technically up at the apartment until August anyway so we aren’t really in a hurry. I’m getting more excited now that all of our side of the deal is finished. The sellers could still back out or fall through some way, but everything is going so smoothly I really think this one is the one. 

It was in surprisingly good shape for being an older home, aside from the cosmetic Demon Cat damage anyway. The structure was sound, the electrical was sound, and roof was in great shape for being older. There weren’t any major issues aside from a few we addressed in our original offer, and that is a huge relief. 

Now for the fun part! Picking out the flooring, decor and appliances!! My artist heart is so happy right now. It’s like walking into a blank canvas of sorts that I get to do almost anything with. As long as Hubs approves anyway lol. Not because I need his permission, but out of a mutual respect since he’s going to live there too. 

I already have the kids rooms figured out, I’m not sure what we’re going to do with our room just yet, we picked out the tile for the new tub surround, we have our colors picked out for the kitchen, the living room and the sunroom. I’m super excited about my sunroom. It’s mine. I’ve claimed it. Hubs can have the garage, the sunroom is mine. I have these sweet purple modern looking chairs I’m going to put in there, a super plush fuzzy rug, my computer and all of my various notebooks. Im currently looking for some chartreuse pillows to bring a nice little vivid pop to my purple chairs, and trying to find some acclectic shelf paper to bring out the artsy in my writing nook. 

It’s right off the living room and kitchen so I’ll be able to escape in there and write while still keeping an eye on the kids. It’s also right off the laundry room, which is what I’m generally doing when I’m not in the kitchen or asleep lol. Three kids means bucket loads of laundry all the time. 

I’m also really excited about the amount of air flow through my sunroom. I can open the French doors in nice weather and the air blows right into the house. It’s great. I will miss my vaulted ceiling, which is really the only thing that this house didn’t have on my wish list. It’ll be a pretty easy job once we decide to have it done, but it’s not on our priority list before we move in. I think paint and taking out the two inches of mega plush carpet will help a lot. 

I hope so, because low ceilings bother me much more than they probably should lol. I feel squished, or like things are settling on me, or that I’m sinking. I don’t like that small enclosed feeling. It’s livable, but I really don’t like it. I’ll just pester the dickens out of Hubs until he decides to do it lol. Or get quotes and put money aside to hire someone. Either way. Eventually I’ll be rid of the low ceilings, add a second or half bath and the home will be complete. Just as the kids get ready to go off to college. 😂

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