Orphans in Dreamland 

I keep having these recurring dreams about rescuing children from dire circumstances. A few nights ago it was two young girls who were the victim of a terrorist attack and lost their parents in said attack, last night I picked up an infant out of a creek bed after his older brother died of exposure and adopted him because his parents never came forward.

I think my uterus is angry with me for putting the kibosh on further children or something. Lol. I don’t even know, but it’s getting a little strange. These dreams are so super emotional and intense. I wouldn’t call them nightmares exactly because the children are saved and the outcome is good but they always leave me in a weird emotional state when I wake up. 

I told Hubs if I rescue any children we’re adopting them and he told me to stay away from creeks lol. So it’s safe to say he isn’t also longing for more kids. Lol. I don’t even know what my subconscious is doing, but I will say completely fictional dreams are much better than flashbacks or nightmares related to my PTSD. I’d much rather rescue orphans in dreamland.