Toddler Terror

B1 HATES check ups. He hates them with all of the hatred his tiny baby body can muster. Which is stressful on everyone when it comes to doctor’s visits. It breaks my heart to see my usually happy bouncy kid scared, and screaming inconsolably. 

He’s okay going into the doctor’s office, he’s okay getting undressed and having the nurse talk to him and measure him, but as soon as he hits the exam table all bets are off and he is terrified. It makes me wonder if he has somatic memories of his surgery. I know he remembers how painful the shots are from here forward, but even just having the doctor examine him on the table terrifies him. 

I even made sure to bring his Giggle Gator, his go to self soothing snuggle buddy, and not even Giggle Gator could calm him down. Even being held, rocked, and everything that usually soothes him fairly quickly he was just terrified.

B1 and Gigi Gaga as he affectionately calls his Giggly Gator. 💕

I just wish I knew how to help him. Maybe it will pass as he gets older and I can explain it to him? I sure hope so because gosh my anxiety can’t take any of my Littles screaming in terror like that.