Reviving Memories

Little and I are visiting the salon together one last time before we move. While she isn’t ready for Kindergarten in Indiana, she needs a good trim going into the Spring. She wants a pixie cut, but she never manages to sit still long enough for one. Lol. 

You know, this is more than just some amazing mommy daughter time. One of the very few good memories I have with my own mom was visiting this very same salon when it first opened in the 90’s. It’s always been a salon in some capacity, but when the current franchise bought it out it was a huge to-do. I still remember the pastel seafoam green and neon pink original decor, which was in stark constrast to the school supply store, paint place, pet store, and old school classic blue and grey Walmart. You could see the salon for miles lol. 

Times, trends, and decor have changed. I think aside from the salon, the only remaining original store front is a consignment shop, and a Sherwin Williams Paint place. Every other business has either closed entirely or moved on to bigger and better locations. It still has the air of nostalgia. Especially considering the stylist who cut my hair, has been cutting my hair for over 20 years lol. I never went in there frequently enough after I gained my independence  to really form a relationship with her beyond casual conversation and banter between stylist and client. Plus I went through my box dye do it myself phase and my hair was a different color/mess every time I saw her by the time I began going in by myself. 

Still, she’s been there faithfully tending to her clients for most of my life. She still does the best job out of any other stylist I’ve visited on a whim, and she still genuinely cares about how important her job is to those who frequent her chair. Even the Littles like mine.