Hoosier Homecoming 

We bought a house! I was checking my email Friday afternoon at a quick pit stop in my road trip extravaganza, and a listing popped up that was nearly perfect. I called our realtor, she set up a showing, we made an offer on the spot, and the seller accepted before 8pm. Just like that. We went from possibly staying in Ohio for another year, to buying a house in Indiana! IN THE SUBURBS. 🎉🎉🎉

It’s not quite everything we wanted, but it has a great lay out, a great, fenced yard for the kids, and a three car finished garage for Hubs to hide in! It needs a lot of updates, and a little TLC here and there but overall it was an AMAZING price for the size and location. Plus it’s in one of the best school districts in the state! It’s also a twenty minute drive from downtown Indy, and a ten minute drive from lots of shopping and restaurants. 

BUT it’s far enough outside the city that Hubs is comfortable with it, even though it doesn’t have the acarage he was after. It was almost too good to be true, so we were hesitant to get excited about it but so far everything seems to be going well. We still need to pass the inspection and appraisal but other than that it’s in the bag! The estimated payments are even UNDER BUDGET so I can stay home with the boys! Like almost 1/4 of what we had budgeted for the size of the home we wanted. Definitely less than half, and less than we were paying on our previous house!  It also has this sweet built in desk area next to the fireplace for an office/writing nook in the sunroom. A SUN ROOM. I have a cozy writing nook in my very own SUN ROOM. 

The whole interior needs paint, the previous owners had a crazy ass cat that literally climbed the walls so most of the trim, bedroom and closet doors need to be replaced, the kitchen is fairly dated but HUGE which I am extremely excited about, and it only has one bathroom at the moment. The actual structure of the house is very solid for an older home, and the exterior is in great shape. Most of what needs to be done is cosmetic, and fairly easy to do on weekends once we get moved in and settled. 

It looks small with the garage positioned behind it, but it’s actually bigger than my parents house!

Little is just outside of the Kindergarten age cut off for the school district unfortunately, so I’m not sure if we’ll be enrolling her or not this year. I might try to get her in for the assessment anyway and see what she needs to work on for next year if nothing else. Plus the payments for this house are so affordable we could even put her in private school if we really wanted to. 

The yard is beautiful. It’s half grass and half concrete on about 1/4 acre. The kids have more than enough room for their playset, and all of their bikes, scooters, and cozy coups. We might even put in a small pool if finances allow it. It really is a great house. Sound financial investment, great return potential if the market stays strong, get some updates in there and we’re set! I’m so excited that we get to be together with Hubs again this summer. 

At this point, I’d live in a shack as long as I have my Hubs back. A “handy man special” house is quite an improvement. 😍

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