The Big 3-0

My Hubs is the best. Just the best. All of my long time followers know just how much I love Blue October. We’ve gone to see them almost every local show for the past three years, and I own all of their albums, plus two signed copies of a DVD and a side project. Lol. I love me some Blue October. 

Well this year since my birthday is a big one, not only did Hubs buy me tickets to see this upcoming show. No, he bought me the meet and greet passes. I don’t just get to see them, I get to meet them, and I don’t even know if my panicky heart can handle it. Lol. My stomach dropped out of my toes when he told me, and immediately I said: “oh, I don’t know if my heart can handle that.” Lol. 

Their album Foiled kept me company on lonely nights after my move to Indy and before I met Hubs. We played their song A Quiet Mind at our wedding. They were actually the first concert I went to where I knew and wanted to see the band instead of tagging along when my friends had extra tickets to something. They have just always been an important part of my life with Hubs and now I have the opportunity to cry and blubber while trying to thank them for all of the wonderful memories their music has provided the sound track to. 

I am over the moon with excitement. BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT. Hubs keeps out doing himself year after year lol. I’m not entirely sure if/how he can top this one though. 😍😍😍