Back to the Brush

Now that I’ve wrestled my PTSD demons into submission for a while, I have time to get back to the things I enjoy but have neglected the past several years focusing on my mental health. For the month of March I’m going to be a featured artist for a small Facebook gallery. This project is just starting to take off and I’m proud to be involved with it. A portion of all the proceeds from sales will be donated to various charity organizations focusing on raising mental health awareness, or providing support to those with mental illness. You can find more info as well as pieces listed for sale here: One Second Forever.  

I’m still in the planning stages for my piece, obviously, with my blank canvas and new paint set. I’m still pretty excited about it. I just hope I can get the vision in my head out onto the canvas without getting hung up somewhere in the middle like I used to lol. 

Just need to get in my groove with some good inspirational tunes, and quiet time. Which means I’ll probably have to find a sitter for the Littles… lol. Now if we could just find a house, so I could get back to my piano! 

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