Rogue Ribs 

I’ve had this nagging pain in my left side for over a week now. It’s the same pain that sent me to the ER back in December. Back then they diagnosed me with indigestion, so I assume that something I ate is causing this pain, or maybe my horrible diet recently is catching up with my insides and I need to flush out the pipes so to speak. 

I take all of the necessary precautions to fix any digestive issues, went a head and did a good, hearty workout last Sunday and the pain was still there. It didn’t get any worse, but it also didn’t get any better. So I made myself a doctors appointment, thinking that I had a kidney stone or some other kidney related issue. That wouldn’t be surprising considering the location of my pain and taking a medication daily now where I haven’t been before. 

Get to the doctor, she rules out kidney issues (thank GOD), rules out any digestive issues, rules out heart issues, lung issues and as she’s holding the stethoscope to my back she hit the source of my pain, which happened to be my lower left rib. Some how, and for God only knows what reason, one single rib was enflamed. It wasn’t broken or fractured, just irritated and sore. There is a condition that is some medical term I don’t remember she diagnosed me with. Something to due with the cartilage becoming irritated for whatever reason, and prescribed me another pill to hopefully help with the inflammation. 

I’ve got ribs going rogue apparently. For no discernible reason. Hopefully this course of meds helps. The pain isn’t awful, but it is annoying. I’d rather not have my left side be radiating pain all the time even if it is minimal!