The Streak 

B1 has graduated from toddling to full out running this week. He spends most of his play time running back and forth across the living room at full tilt so it wasn’t entirely surprising when he took off after bath time.

I had both of the Twins in the tub for a quick bath. Little has decided her favorite new game is to spit milk out like a fountain, directly onto her brothers necessitating a lot more baths around here. She didn’t actually get any in their hair this time so it really was just a quick dip. I drained the tub and scooped B1 out first to dry him off, while B2 was sitting patiently, chasing the lingering bubbles around the tub. I had the bathroom door closed to prevent an escape, or at least I thought I had it closed enough to prevent an escape.

B2 slipped and disappeared beyond the edge of the tub, so I dropped the towel around B1 and leaned over to check on B2. Before I knew what was going on B1 used his nimble, little, baby fingers to pry open the bathroom door and took off. He was completely naked with his tiny manhood bouncing around in the breeze, squealing at the top of his lungs with absolute delight as he dashed around the house and Little was appalled. She immediately jumped off of the couch and started chasing B1 around yelling: “No! No naked babies!! You need clothes!” 

B1 made it around the entire house twice before I managed to catch him and get him clothed. Lol. Little rascal. Just smiling ear to ear like he was the most accomplished baby boy in the world. 

I’m going to have to watch this boy… I just might have a future streaker on my hands. 😂💕

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