State Certified Goats

Ugh… I’m already exhausted and it’s only Tuesday! lol. Over the weekend the kids and I went to pick up Hubs. He came back to Ohio with us Saturday evening. We wandered around the mall for a while, he treated me to some Lush Cosmetics, and even took care of the kids when we got home giving me an opportunity to USE them too! I haven’t relaxed in a Lush bath since before I found out I was pregnant with the Twins… so what’s that? Going on two years lol.  

The Comforter bubble bar is my favorite. It smells just like bubble gum and it made my skin so super soft.

I fixed everyone pancakes Sunday morning; then we all went out to the Middle of Nowhere back in Indiana just off the state border with Illinois to look at a farm Hubs was interested in purchasing. Yes… an actual farm, with land, and animal barn, and a view of the Raccoon Creek Valley just outside of Lake Waveland. Hubs has this grand vision of getting a house in the country, raising chickens and goats. I’m not entirely sure exactly why the same man who hates driving more than fifteen minutes to get to work every day wants to move out to the country, but he really has his heart set on this. SO… off we went. It took us the better part of the day to actually get to the place and once we finally did, Hubs drove by the property and immediately said: “Nope. It’s too far to drive and there’s nothing here.”

Rural Indiana at it’s finest.

I thought the house was kind of neat, and the view of the valley was absolutely gorgeous. I’m still voting for a house in the suburbs over a working farm for sure, but this place was kind of cool and I could adapt to living in the country if it’s really what Hubs wants. Especially if I’m busy keeping track of goats. Having animals in addition to wrangling the kids will at least keep me occupied so I don’t die of absolute boredom. The only thing that really concerned me about the town was all of the burnt out houses. Like completely burnt to the ground houses. I asked Hubs if they had a fire department, and he said they did, but we didn’t see any evidence to support that. Just driving through this small town of less that 500 people there were four houses burnt to a crisp. Not exactly something you want to see if you’re planning on buying property.

“Town” if you can call it that.

The only other thing that concerned me was the fact that it is out in the middle of nowhere and Lake Waveland is a tourist destination. There are several state parks out that way that are big summer camping attractions, which means our sleepy little tiny town would have a constant influx of travelers all summer long. That’s scary being so far away from the sherif’s department. I mean there’s the park rangers (which are apparently the leaders of The Resistance so they’ve got that going for them anyway lol) but it’s still really scary. ESPECIALLY considering there is a budding serial killer roaming around central Indiana. We had a rash of arsons four years ago, several young women go missing along the I-65 corridor three years ago, deer being slaughtered along the county roads two years ago, a police impersonator pulling lone women over last year, and now two teens have been found murdered off of a hiking trail in a small town just this last week. Also in the same area as all of the other crimes I mentioned. They have a picture of the guy but it’s grainy and really difficult to see any distinguishing features.

I really have zero desire to move into a house in the country with that sicko on the loose. Not to mention all the addicts, breaking in and stealing to feed their addictions, but that really happens anywhere.

So we’re back to square one. Still looking for this magical house outside of the city, but not more than a 30min commute for Hubs, with land, room for animals, trees, creek, and a price tag of less than $100k. Hubs also wants a new truck, a Harley, and Little will be starting school this Fall. She’s starting school where ever we are. I actually have to register her HERE in a few weeks if we don’t have an accepted offer on a house back in Indiana. Although with B2 enrolled in the local IEP, it might be better for us to stay here at least during the first half of the school year anyway. I don’t know. I miss my Hubs terribly, and I want our family to be together again ASAP. I also want my kids to have the best opportunities educational wise and staying here through Little’s Kindergarten year, with B2 enrolled in the IEP, provides that. An urban area within a bigger state makes things much easier and much more affordable.

B2 also got his first haircut this weekend. Hubs did a pretty good job I think!
I called the local school system to ask about registration fees so we could work them into our budget. In Indiana enrolling a child in THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM cost any where from $500-$1200. Here? It’ll be $45 for Little with no upfront registration fee. The secretary at the local school thought I was crazy asking about registration fees so far in advance. lol. They also provide half day Kindergarten here, where in Indiana full day Kindergarten is mandatory. Little is not ready for full day classes. Half day is more than enough to get her adjusted to the school year routine. Plus with her Fall birthday being so close to the enrollment age cut off, this local school district provides a half day pre-k class as well at no additional cost. That’s if she doesn’t pass the assessment to be in kindergarten, but she’s right up to speed with just about everything except penmanship and we have all Summer to work on that.

Speaking of Littles and B2’s IEP enrollment… his first intake evaluation was yesterday. I was a basket of nerves inviting the state into my home. One of my absolute worst fears is having my children taken away from me due to my mental illness diagnosis, or false accusations of abuse/neglect etc. I know I’m a good mom, but all it takes is one phone call from some pissed off douche canoe to start a chain reaction of hoops and extra bs to prove that to CPS. Thankfully, I have my therapist’s professional stamp of approval, I’m following all of my doctor’s orders regarding my meds religiously, and aside from B2’s developmental delays all the kids are fed, clean and growing right on target. It’s kind of an irrational fear really, but an ever constant one anyway so having the state come into my home to evaluate B2 was a huge stressor.

Of course it went just fine for the initial check things out, paperwork, observation of my interaction with B2 and the rest of my brood evaluation, but I’m so glad it’s over. I feel like an elephant as stepped off of my chest and I can breathe again. My brain isn’t as frazzled and my thoughts aren’t as scattered. Plus my house is extra clean now after all of my nervous detail cleaning the past week and a half, and that’s always a plus. lol.


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  1. Yep. You have to pay for everything in Indiana. Those dollar amounts don’t include extra curricular fees or lunches either. That’s JUST registration and class room supplies which we also have to provide for THE ENTIRE CLASS.


  2. That’s so odd! In GA parents are asked to buy things like markers and tissues for the class but it’s not required. We just do that to help out the teachers. We do pay for lunches unless a child is approved to get free lunch. Do you know the reason they charge you there?

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  3. The state went bankrupt years ago, it was supposed to help correct the deficit and they just never changed it after the budget recovered. It’s been that way as long as Hubs can remember and he’s lived there most of his life.

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