Self-doubt, is that you knocking? Come in for tea!


A rare, but familiar knock on my self-esteems door.

Come in for tea, Self-doubt and tell me what you think of me.

Self-doubt sips it’s tea and begins to play the old tapes, the drone of familiar chants.

You’re not good enough, not worthy, not well enough, smart enough, you’re a poser.

The fear and rejection hangs in the air between us as it tells me all the reasons

I shouldn’t try or that I should give up.

I listen, with respect, compassion, and a loving ear because I know

Self-doubt wouldn’t come uninvited.

When I’ve heard enough, I thank Self-doubt for the visit and say we’re done with tea.

I show it out the door, shake it off, take a deep breath and

reset my sails into the wind, as Self-doubt fades onto a distant shore.

I may hear this rare, but familiar knock on my door again, and if…

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2 thoughts on “Self-doubt, is that you knocking? Come in for tea!

  1. Oh boy, that “you’re a poser” self accusation gets me so much…. for me though it’s more, “people are gonna find out that you’re just faking it!” I’m not sure why I have that fear, I’m not really faking it. Sometimes I do jump into a task before I know how to do it and figure I’ll learn along the way but man, even with stuff I am experienced with…. a little whisper, “people are gonna find out….” Ouch! Great post, thanks for sharing.

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