A Little Rescue 

Just when I’ve had about enough of the world and drama and life in general this little guy toddles over, looks at me with his giant grey eyes, smiles and says: “Mama” before laying his head down on my lap. 

My Little B1 is by far the most sensitive of my Littles. All of them love me, all of them need me to a certain extent, but B1 is a total Mama’s Boy. 

That, and he just loves everyone in our family so much. Anytime Hubs comes to visit, B1 gets big tears in his eyes and starts giggling uncontrollably. He gets upset when B2 isn’t feeling well or isn’t in their room at nap and bedtime. He follows Little around everywhere chanting “Sissy! Sissy!” He comes up to me at random points through out the day just to look up at me, snuggle, and smile before bouncing off to play again. 

I don’t have a favorite kid. I love all of them equally, and do my best to give each of them equal age appropriate attention. B1 clicks with me, much better than the other two. I think it’s because the other two are so much like me and little B1 is basically a minature version of Hubs lol. B2 and Little are much more independent than B1 and can pretty much entertain themselves. B1 is very social and rarely plays by himself. 

They are all beautiful little individuals, and they all make me smile on days when I feel like curling up and hiding in a hole. They are my Little Rescue Squad, and the only thing they have to do is be themselves. 💕

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