Fighting February 

February is a rough month for me. There are a lot of trauma anniversaries, plus my mom’s birthday, and Valentine’s Day and just a whole host of yuck. 

I’m not going to take the time to hit on each individual event, since most of them have faded into parasympathetic memories where they belong. I am going to acknowledge that I’m having a rough week, and my moods are kind of all over the place right now. Which is actually somewhat of a relief compared to the weight of depression that used to consume me through the month of February. 

I’m healing, however slowly and the broken synapses have made most of the repairs. It’s just a few lingering ones still misfiring here and there. With time those will right themselves too. Even if I am left with one or two rogue triggers, an occasional nightmare, or flashback it’s a vast improvement over all. It’s encouraging, even in the midst of my difficult week.