I found out Monday B2 needs to be evaluated for sensory processing issues and the Autism Spectrum. His pediatrician wants to get him evaluated and started with some developmental therapy as soon as possible, which wouldn’t be too much of an issue if I knew were I was going to be living in the next six months. 

I’ve known since he was born that my Little B2 wasn’t quite up to speed developmentally. Call it Mother’s Intuition, but I’ve been waiting for this as I’ve watched him fall further and further behind his brother. Right now it only seems to be physical development. He has a huge vocabulary surpassing his brother, keeps up with social cues, enjoys interacting with his siblings, and enjoys trying new foods. He just has no desire to stand or walk. Anything that touches his feet sends him into a kicking frenzy, and he won’t put pressure on them. He hasn’t even started pulling up yet and he’s 14 months old.

We checked with his Endocrinologist to make sure it wasn’t his thyrhoid first, and now with our regular pediatrician out of ideas… we’re taking the plunge into SPD and the Spectrum. I know it isn’t really all that difficult to accommodate these days, which I’m thankful for in regards to B2’s future, and being vigilant, catching it early will give him the best possible opportunity to reach his full potential. 

At the same time, it’s nerve wrecking to be jumping into all of this stuff with so much uncertainty in our lives at the moment. Especially jumping from state to state where EVERYTHING is different.  

I also need to get Little into the Kindergarten evaluation and figure out if she’s eligible to enroll in our local district this year or if she’ll have to wait until next year. She’s doing great with everything except penmanship and some of her social skills are a little bit behind, but I mean… I’m 30 and most of my social skills are behind so she doesn’t exactly have the best roll model there. Lol. She cares about other kids, even if she’s a little behind the curve with sharing and personal space. That’s really the most important part, I think. 

Two entirely new adventures that I’ve never experienced before in my parenting journey. Both of them which would be much easier if I knew where we were going to live. It’s a little overwhelming and intimidating honestly. Especially since I’ve NEVER been involved in the public schooling/health system, even in my youth.