Lost Words Found

Now that time has passed, and emotions have settled down a little bit I’m not as upset as I was about the recent executive orders. I don’t agree with them, and I think now in the current political climate with fear and hatred rising to the boiling point that things could have been handled differently by the administration. The order was basically a copy cat order from the Obama Administration several years prior. I was just as appalled at that one, btw, yet I can understand the grounds by which both were issued.

That being said… 2011 when Obama issued his version of the travel ban it wasn’t post a very heated election year on the heels of massive protesting for various issues. It didn’t fuel dissent, chaos, and inspire an influx in irrational violent behavior toward those whom the ban was directed at. It wasn’t twisted around by the media and reported as an attack on liberty, furthering misunderstanding and dissent. It still was decried as unconstitutional, and bitterly disapproved by the majority of the popular opinion, but it was at least issued with some sense of decorum.

The Trump Administration is lacking in many things but one of the biggest is decorum. Of course they’re all new to the job, business oriented and unconcerned with approval ratings or popularity. That’s why many people wanted him in office in the first place, yet a great many of them are now realizing how detrimental cut throat, no nonesense buisness tactics translate into the political arena which basically is a giant popularity contest. 

Things are going to get much worse before they get “great again”. I only hope we as a country can survive through it all.

3 thoughts on “Lost Words Found

  1. I agree completely on your analysis, but I will say the cutthroat, say-what-you mean approach is refreshing and beats the hell out of spinning every syllable.

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  2. Maybe if it didn’t come with all of the arrogance, which bruises so many egos lol. What a different place the world would be if all politicians were as curt as Putin and Trump.


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