It happened. B1 is officially toddling around the house now. My baby boy is growing up too fast! Make it stop! Lol. He was so proud of himself yesterday, smiling ear to ear as he took about four or five steps at a time before toppling over, jumping right back up to try again. 

B1 is by far the most exuberant of my children. Every new thing he experiences is the BEST THING EVER, unless it scares him. Taking his first steps was so exciting he didn’t stop giggling and smiling until bed time. The happiest, most accomplished baby boy I’ve ever seen. 

Watching his brother seemed to inspire B2 to try and get up on his feet too. He WANTS to, but something keeps stopping him. He can hold himself upright on his knees and he’ll kind of scoot around that way, but something about his feet is preventing him from standing up completely. He curls his toes under and starts fussing, getting frustrated. 

We’ve been following the doctor’s instructions to play with his feet, and sort of get him acclimated to the sensation of pressure, but he simply isn’t having it on the carpet. He does okay on solid surfaces so maybe some shoes would help him at least build up his leg muscles or something. I’m not sure. It’s kind of scary to think about him being diagnosed with something else at such a young age, especially with insurance laws in limbo. 

He and I both are pretty much out in the lurch if the ACA is repealed without a replacement. We both have pre-existing conditions. If something ever happens to Hubs and we lose the insurance he has through work? B2 and I are out of luck. I’m worried that if he keeps getting different diagnosis his future health care will get bleaker and bleaker. 

Not to say that I entirely supported the ACA as it was. It definitely needed more fine tuning, and better legislation instead of getting rushed through and put into place before they worked out the kinks, but some aspects of it were beneficial and repealing the entire thing is just as reckless as those who rushed it through in the first place. 

It’s a scary world we’re living in right now for lots of reasons, and thinking about what might become of it as my Littles are growing up makes it even worse. Parenting is hard.