Tired Tuesday

Yesterday the weather was nice and I decided to get the kids out trying to make it to the duck pond before the weather turned, or it began to rain. We didn’t make it to the duck pond, but on the way home we did swing into the local Target after diapers and a few other random groceries.

I won the parking lot lottery and snagged the closest parking spot to the door that wasn’t marked as a handicap spot. As I was celebrating my parking victory and getting the kids out into their stroller I heard a strange noise, kind of a hissing sound. I didn’t think too much of it until I closed the last car door and noticed my rear passenger tire deflating before my eyes. Ah yes. The source of the strange hissing sound. 

Last Spring we traded in our little Honda for a bigger vehicle before the Twins arrived. I’d never even looked for the spare in the new car because I was pregnant when we bought it. I wasn’t going to change anything while pregnant, Hubs wouldn’t allow it lol. So here I am in the parking lot with three kids, a flat and zero idea where any of the necessary tools to change it were. I didn’t even know what shape my spare was in, if/when I could find it. 

I called Hubs to ask if we still had roadside on our insurance, which we did but it was one of those pay up front and they’ll reimburse you later deals. Not worth it if I could find someone to help with the kids and do it myself. So I called my sisters who were working, they called mom and she came over to help. She sat with the kids while I fought with the tire. I found the jack, and got it set up. My parking spot victory wasn’t so nice after I discovered being so close to the curb I couldn’t properly use the jack and instead had to take off the handle and re-set it every quarter turn. 

So I get it lifted off the ground and then I can’t get the lug nuts off. Last time I had my tires changed/rotated they tightened them too tight. Nothing I could do was getting them to loosen up and on the phone with Hubs, he told me to stop before I inadvertently sheered them off. Plan B: Fixaflat. So here I go back inside after half an hour fighting with the jack and lug nuts. I go to check on the kids who were still waiting with my mom in the cafe, and mom says: “well there’s a Tire Discounter right around the corner. Why don’t you go there and see if they can come help you?”

Plan C: Tire Discounter. So I walk across the shopping plaza to the Tire Discounter and ask if they can help me with mounting the spare and getting my flat tire off. They apparently don’t have any off sight tools, or the insurance to help with tires off the premises. I’m leaning more toward the second option, but either way. They couldn’t help me unless I could get the car to them. So I walk BACK across the shoping plaza, into the car and limp it over to them. It took me forever but I managed to make it without damaging my rim. THANK GOD FOR THAT.

Now the last time I had an issue with a tire, it was stabbed, but I neglected to report it to the police which ended up coming back to haunt me later down the road. So this go around I asked them to carefully inspect the tire for any signs of vandalism, and let me know immediately. The guys behind the counter looked at me like I was crazy, but whatever. I’m not taking anymore chances. 

Thankfully, it didn’t appear to be vandalism. Somewhere from my apartment to the duck pond, I managed to find a missed piece of accident debris. They found what looked like a brake handle from a bike/scooter/motorcycle bent in half and punctured through my tire. It was lodged in there so far they couldn’t even get it out to send it home with me. Which I mean, I didn’t need it as long as it was just road debris anyway lol. But the damage was so extensive there was no way to save the tire. I just needed a new one. They said it would take about an hour, so off I went on my third trek across the parking lot back to find mom and the kids. 

We wandered around Target; then headed off to browse through a few more stores trying to keep the kids entertained. Yep, my quick trip to the duck pond turned into an entire day out trying to entertain bored kids and wait for a new tire. Ugh…