Them Bones


Breaking my hand is the first broken bone experience I’ve ever had. That stuff hurts!! Like right up there with my c-section recovery hurts and my broken bone is just a tiny one. I couldn’t imagine an arm or leg feeling that way. It just plain aches all the time no matter what. It’s bearable, but oh so very annoying to have this random throbbing going on when you least expect it. 

Also, can I just say pinkie fingers are totally underrated? You use that digit for EVERYTHING, but you don’t notice until it sends searing pain through your arm every time it moves or brushes against something. Ugh… I did get recast after my follow up appointment which was a blessing and curse all at once. The ER cast thingy was much more stable and secure. Nothing moved, and I felt more comfortable with that one. The one I’m in now gives me more maneuverability which in turn makes it easier for me to tend the kids. The ER thing made it impossible to tend the kids. Like it was just impossible to do anything for them with out pain. Mostly the Twins. Little is pretty easy now that she’s potty trained.

It was the worst thing ever not being able to pick up the babies. I don’t care about anything else that’s restricted because of my hand, but that day not being able to hold them was awful. Especially since they are aware enough to look for me when they want/need me. I had four of the biggest grey eyes staring at me most of the day followed by intermittent fussing. They needed their mama, and I couldn’t take them until bed time. 

My sisters helped me with bottles and diapers and such through out the day, so it’s not like they were completely neglected or uncared for. Sometimes babies just need mama, and being unable to provide that for them is heart breaking. I was able to pick them up, cuddle them and put them to bed. Which made all of us feel a lot better. They stopped fussing so much, my anxiety toned down notch or two. It was just better for everyone. 

Baby snuggles are magic. 💜