Uh Oh

Ever since my little B2 figured out the phrase “uh oh” it’s been hilarious around here. The kids will all be playing in the living room, or he’ll be in his crib for nap time, a crash of a falling toy will happen then the smallest voice will exclaim: “uh oh!” He’s also figured out his brother’s name, “whoa”, “hi”, “ow”, “mama”, “dada”, “sissy”, “up”, “DVD”, “no” his nickname, and he can mimick almost any word you repeat to him. This kid is going places. As soon as he gets past his sensory issues and starts walking anyway. 

Right now, he won’t put his feet down on any sort of surface. Soft, hard, shiny, opaque, doesn’t matter. He will hold his legs up and refuse to put his feet down. The doctor held him for five minutes suspended to see if he would drop his feet to the exam table and he basically just refused. Looked right at her and said: “no” when she asked him to stand up. She’s decided to wait until 15 months to see if he catches up to B1, but if not B2 gets more fun testing, and developmental therapy. Which we always knew was a possibility with his thyroid condition. I’m still just amused that he actually told the doctor no lol. 

The really sad part about his early expanding vocabulary, is that he said “ow” when they were doing his blood work. “Ow!” He yelped before he started crying. It completely shattered my heart into a million pieces. 😦 I really hope he outgrows the need for bimonthly bloodwork when he turns three. I actually need to get a hold of the specialist and double check his results. He’s surpassed B1 in weight and height in the past few months, and the two times he’s had his blood drawn have been on days before I gave him his meds and they said his levels were normal. I understand the medication is cumulative, building up in his system, but that seems odd to me. 

Eh, what do I know? I’m not a doctor lol.