Mom Problems

I feel like I’m failing my Little. She’s been acting out A LOT recently, and I don’t know what to do to help her. 

I thought maybe she was jealous of the time I spend interacting with the Twins now that they’re beginning the interaction phase of Toddlerhood, so I switched up our schedule a little bit to have more one on one time with her after the Twins go to bed. Didn’t help.

I thought maybe she was bored, being cooped up in the house all day for the past week so we got some activities to do this weekend. I bought cookies sheets, cookie mix, and decorating icing to do something fun and festive. I told her after her quiet time (which she has every day) we’d bake the cookies. Then I decided to take a quick shower while all the kids were quiet. That was a mistake, because for some reason Little decided that she didn’t have to stay in her room and sprayed all of the decorating icing into the carpet, plus colored on the dining room wall. Fifteen minutes I was in the shower, and we didn’t do anything to deviate from our normal routine. MASS DESTRUCTION. 

Something is wrong, she isn’t feeling secure, and I don’t know what it is or why. She says she misses Hubs all the time, so I think that’s the biggest part of it but there is nothing I can do to change that. He visits whenever he has a chance and we’re still looking at houses every opportunity we get in an effort to get back under one roof. 

I wish I could just make her feel better, give her whatever it is that she’s missing, and calm her little spirit. I hate watching her struggle so much. It breaks my heart. 😦 

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