Feeling Suicidal? Read This!

Great read, always worth checking out. There are links in the article for resources in the U.K., -!: I’m including here the link for the USA National Suicide Hotline.

Child of Cynicism


With one in four of us estimated to have experienced or expected to experience a serious mental illness within our lifetime, it’s no wonder that the vast majority of us will have pondered “what’s the point of being alive?” at some point or another. For some, these thoughts visit fleetingly proceeding an upsetting event-for others, they develop into a devastating downward spiral of deep and prolonged despair.
When I was thirteen, on top of my already present PTSD and OCD, I developed severe clinical depression: something which clouded my sky and eradicated all hope and positivity from the world around me. It took me a long time to open up-there’s something about the black wall of the illness that obscures realistic thought processes; I saw myself as a burden, nothing more than an inconvenience to those closest to me. Surrounded by a terrible lack of support from the mental health…

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