A Happy Holiday

Despite all of the struggles leading up to the holiday, the actual day was a success! B1 and I ended up back in the ER Christmas Eve so all of our plans to spend time with the family kind of got pushed back. B1 wasn’t really an emergency case but when I got to the urgent care the wait was going to be 4+ hours, and my issue was a little bit more than urgent. SO… off we went, both of us to the ER.

I was having chest pain/pressure after starting my meds (which are turning out to be WONDERFUL btw) so with all of my other recent heart related fiascos my doctor recommended I be checked out. Apparently B1 and I got a round of food poisoning from sharing some bad lemonade and/or the stomach virus had one final punch before it died. My stomach was swollen pushing on everything else creating the pressure, which lead to muscle spasm and pain. We were both pretty miserable Christmas Eve, and a lot of B1’s discomfort carried over into Christmas Day, but all seems to be on the mend now.

Despite the exhaustion/discomfort B1 tried to enjoy the gift opening festivities. Little and B2 has a blast. They are always into my weights and gym equipment so I found them Little versions to play with, and this year was the first year Little was really interested in Santa. We had been talking about Santa for a while, but she never really dropped any hints as to what she wanted until December 22nd. She wasn’t very specific, just a “flute”, and the only reason we knew that she wanted a flute is because someone asked her what Santa was bringing and she excitedly exclaimed: “A flute!” SO started the mad dash to find her a “flute” that would be of acceptable Santa quality.

She had been flipping through the Target catalogue for a few weeks during her nap time so I hopped online and found the first acceptable toy “flute” I could find. It’s actually a really nice wooden recorder, and not having any specifics I decided to get her a pink one with an owl decal on it. Just to make sure Santa was bringing the right gift, I sat down with her and showed her a picture of the recorder. It was the right “flute”, but she wanted a blue one. This is December 23rd. It’s a miracle the thing arrived on time in the first place, and now it’s the wrong color. I talked about Santa maybe making it a pink one because she likes pink so much, but she was very insistent on it being a blue one. She was supremely concerned that Santa wouldn’t bring her the right color of flute, even though she apparently asked him for one at some point that I wasn’t aware of, or knew what she was asking for when she wrote her letter and didn’t actually mention it to me. lol.

So I 911 make a call to my sister who is thankfully pretty art inclined. She found the right color blue paint, and added some glitter for flair. After all of our ER escapades, we didn’t even arrive at my parents house until after 6pm on Christmas Eve, and then we were all pretty exhausted. At some point between 9pm and 6am my sister managed to hand paint this recorder the perfect shade of sparkly blue. Because it was such a last minute thing, we didn’t have anything to wrap it in, and they decided to toss it into her stocking.

She opened the rest of her gifts and while she enjoyed them, she was pretty disappointed/mad that Santa forgot her flute. You could see her tiny little Christmas Soul being crushed with every box she opened that wasn’t a flute, and then… she got to her stocking. She tossed everything else aside and jumped up and down for a good five minutes going: “A FLUTE!! A BLUE FLUTE!! This is just what I wanted and Santa brought it!! He didn’t forget!! This is such a Happy Christmas!!”

Oh, it was the absolute best thing ever. I’m so glad we were able to get it, and get it the right color in time. My Little is very skeptical of the whole Santa thing. I don’t think she really believes it, but she’s doing her best to play along. She’s already asked me why we have to shop for Christmas presents if Santa brings them. lol. I got around that one by saying that Santa only brought presents to children, and adults had to buy presents for each other. She sort of accepted that reasoning. lol. I mean she’s 4. She has to enjoy the Santa magic for a little while, at least a few years.