Christmas Surprise!

The kids and I weren’t planning on doing anything/going anywhere for Christmas since we’re technically contagious until Christmas Eve, but at the last minute my family is all like: “you can’t be alone on Christmas! Come here! Ppppppshaw contagion ” Plus with the whole anxiety melt down thing last Sunday, they’re a little worried about me. 

So we’re heading over there on Christmas Eve and probably staying most of the day on Christmas Day. Which is going to be really awesome for Little. She’s been having some behavioral trouble here recently and I think a lot of it was because she was missing out on our usual Christmas fun. We didn’t have a tree, we don’t have a fireplace at the apartment (how is Santa going to get in Mama?) and she was concerned that her letter did not get put in the mailbox. 

After my stint in the ER, my sister picked up Little (hand foot and mouth be damned) and took her to decorate the tree and drop her Santa Letter in the mailbox. She already seems to be feeling a million times better behavioral wise, which is a good thing because I don’t think I could handle any more preschooler destruction even though I understand why she’s having trouble. 

My other sister took the boys for the afternoon giving me some much needed rest time. Now my stress level is back to the usual migraine, annoyance, sleep all the sleep stage which is better than feeling like my heart is going to explode so… I think after my appointment later today I’ll be okay. I mean, I know I’ll be okay eventually. I know exactly what’s happening, I just can’t control it right now. There is entirely too much shit happening in my life and all of the healthy non medical intervention coping mechanisms simply  aren’t cutting it. 

This phase of life will pass, things will eventually settle down, and I’ll be back to normal. Right now the fight is just taking a lot more out of me than usual. I’m still fighting though. Tenacious Irish heritage comes in handy every once and a while lol.