Shimmering Shenanigans

So I wanted to start out the tradition of baking Christmas Cookies with Little this year since a lot of our other traditions went by the wayside being in transition. I added cookie sheets, some gel decorating icing, and cookie dough to our grocery order and didn’t think too much of it. I ordered some really cool shimmering gel icing. It’s basically edible glitter in gel icing, and looked REALLY COOL in the package and online on the picture. I’m thinking, snow flakes, hearts, wreaths, etc. on these cookies. 

I cheated and didn’t make the dough from scratch but dealing with a preschooler and trying to keep track of two toddlers I needed to make the whole process as quick as possible. Everything went really well until we got to the decorating part. Little got into the icing while the cookies were cooling and wasted most of it, which resulted in very shimmery dining room carpet, and an extended nap time/time out. We worked through all of that and finally got to the decorating part, and that is when I realized I made a horrible mistake with my icing choice. 

That’s shimmering white gel icing, and it certainly does not look like any sort of substance that I’d personally want on a cookie. I wasn’t really paying attention when Little was applying the icing until I went to take a picture and then I totally lost it laughing. She looked at me half offended that I was laughing at her cookies, which she was so proud of decorating. But I managed to play it off saying that I was so happy with how well she decorated them, I had to laugh. She accepted my explanation, and continued beaming with pride as she chowed down on her prize.

I tried to eat one, but I couldn’t do it. More information that no one ever needed to know about Kelli: shimmering white gel things make me gag with the force of a thousand suns. I don’t know why, I’ve just always had the worst aversion. It was like a Jim Carrey over-acting gag extravaganza as I managed to take one bite for Little who was anxiously awaiting my approval, but I had to spit it out when she wasn’t looking.

Thankfully after a few hours in the fridge the icing lost its obscene pallor and started to look like actual icing. Lol. I’m just glad Little is still young and innocent, or that could have been really awkward really quick. I sent Hubs a picture and he just replied laughing, listing off obscene names for my cookies and teasing me about my aversion. Which was a nice change since we haven’t really joked or laughed together in almost a month. We talk all the time, but it’s just been gloomy with everyone being sick and the holidays being in a funk and… yeah. It’s just been gloomy. 

At least my great Christmas Cookie Fail brightened our spirits a little bit.