Amazon Adventures

No, as much as I’d love to say I’d snuck away on a secret trip back to Brasil, the adventures I’m referring to now are of the online shopping variety. 

The cold caught me by surprise this year. I hadn’t had a chance to look for winter coats for the Twins before it got much too cold to take them out in their hoodies. Like crazy, below zero wind chill temperatures that no one should be out in really, least of all toddlers. So I decided to do something I never do, and order coats and boots online. I went to Amazon, picked out the items I liked, read through the reviews for sizing information and did all of the necessary things one does before ordering clothes online. 

The reviews all stated that the items ran true to size so I selected 18 months figuring that they would need a little room to grow as the winter was just getting started. I paid extra for express shipping and the items arrived within two days. This is what we got:

Yes, that’s my 4 year old, size 6 wearing daughter comfortably wearing an “18 month, true to size” coat. The 18 month boots I ordered? Compared to a size 9 kid shoes. They didn’t even send me the same size boots, even though I ordered the same size boots!! My boys now have coats and boots for AT LEAST two seasons, which I guess isn’t really a problem persay, aside from them swimming in giant coats this year. I hope the car seat buckle safely fits around them or we’ll just have to buy more this year and save these for next season. 

It would be one thing if I just ordered them on a whim without checking through the reviews first, but after I made sure to check the sizing information I’m just annoyed. The items themselves are excellent quality for the price. They will be great coats once my Littles catch up to them anyway lol. Ugh… online ordering is convienent in someways, and in others not so much. At least they have SOMETHING warmer than hoodies. Even if they have to rock the hobo look for a while. They’ll definitely be bundled! 

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