Phone Trap

Blargh… I hate making important phone calls. I’m one of those people who, oddly, is much more comfortable just going to the office or meeting someone directly when it’s an important business matter. I mean I can call people I’m close to, friends and family and such. But calling customer service for anything is like stomach drop out of the bottom of my toes terrifying. I especially hate voicemails… like I psych myself up to finally call and talk to someone; then to get blind sided by a *beep* leave a message it’s like my brain short circuits and I become a babbling fool. 

Which I know is the total opposite from most people who would rather do important slightly confrontational things on the phone. Hell before I had caller ID I wouldn’t even answer the phone for some weird reason. I’ll open the front door to any stranger standing there, but if it’s a phone call? Nope. That is a primarily personal phone thing though. When I was working I didn’t have any issues answering the business phone, which was weird since most of the time the person on the other end of the business phone was an angry customer… 

I don’t know… all I know is that I’ve been putting off an important phone call for almost a week because my brain won’t cooperate and calm the eff down whenever I try to dial the number. We’re coming up on the Christmas Holiday and I’m running out of time, but for whatever weird panic inducing reason I can’t hit send. I’ve gotten as far as dialing the number into my phone but then it just doesn’t go any further. 

I haven’t had an issue with phone calls in a really long time, so this is weird. It’s obviously a manifestation of all the other stress going on in my life right now, but it sure is inconvenient. :/ 

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  1. I despise phone calls., I had many phone jobs and I think that may be the source. I have to call and make an oncologist appointment. I keep getting their scheduling voicemail. They called me back once, and got mine. Now I have to call again. It’s frustrating.

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