Drive By Shopping 

Our local Meijer’s finally got their curbside pick up working on the website, which is AMAZING with the weather being frigid and snowy, plus now I get to be a responsible citizen and keep from spreading the Virus of Doom. WINNING. 

I will say it’s a little weird basically using a drive thru at the grocery store, but it makes things so much easier for us. It also keeps me on a budget when I can order exactly what I need instead of rambling off down a random aisle and picking up $50 of stuff I just want. Lol. Oh I’m so glad they finally got it working. Drive thru my Starbucks on the way to the store, sip on my coffee while they load up my groceries, drive back to the apartment and keep the kids all toasty warm. It the all American shopping experience right there! 

I’m going to have to find something else to do for cardio during the week though since I’m not going to be lugging 80lbs worth of Little’s plus whatever in groceries around the store anymore lol. I don’t think I’ll use the service when the weather warms back up, or at least not as much but it sure is great going into winter.

Yay!! Something good happened for a change!! 😊