Quarantine for Christmas

One more GLORIOUS trip to the ER over the weekend has put us on self imposed quarantine for the next two-three weeks. 

Little woke up Saturday morning, her hands and feet itchy and swollen. I thought it was an allergic reaction at first, so I tossed her in the bathtub hoping to wash whatever offending allergen off. She cleared up a little bit, until nap time then it came right back with a vengeance, so I called the pediatrician on call and waited to talk to them hoping to get a dose of Benadryl I could administer and be done with it. 

I think this is the first time in the history we have with our pediatrician that she wasn’t the one on call during our after hours problem. So we spoke to another doctor. She listened to all of the symptoms I described; then decided to call and confirm with another doctor in the practice. At this point I’m starting to freak out a little bit. Little was behaving normally, she just had swollen hands and feet. In addition to an allergy I personally suspected hand foot and mouth since that’s made a resurgence here locally in past weeks, but she didn’t have the classic spots or lesions. She wasn’t really even in PAIN, just swollen. Still, on the heels of another viral infection HDFM isn’t a far fetched assumption. I was expecting the doctor to come back with one of those two scenarios instead I get a phone call: “we think it’s best if she’s seen in the ER right away.” 

So I call Hubs, immediately bundle up the Twins and pile everyone into the car shuffling back off to the ER, as my stomach drops out my toes thinking something is drastically wrong with Little. We get there, and as the nurse is checking us in she goes “oh, I bet this is just hand foot and mouth. It’s a virus, but nothing to worry about. We’ll see what the doctor says.”

One hour and several hundred dollars later the doctor says: “she just has hand foot and mouth. It’s highly contagious for about two weeks, so be prepared for everyone to get it.” 

I was simulateously relieved and perturbed. Relieved that my Little didn’t have some weird viral complication, or severe allergy to something and perturbed that the doctor on call immediately defaulted to sending us to the ER instead of thinking about the most logical, simple answer which would be hand foot and mouth. The virus that is spreading like wildfire this winter. I thought about it, and if Little had shown the more classic symptoms I wouldn’t have even bothered to call the pediatrician unless her fever spiked. But as is usual per my kids: most random off the wall vague symptoms. 

Boooo…. while it’s going to be awful on everyone I’m sort of hoping everyone gets it at the same time. That way we’ll know for sure when it’s over and safe to venture back out into public. Well it’s safe for us to go out now, but it’s not responsible to take sick kids out spreading germs and misery everywhere. If everyone starts displaying symptoms tomorrow we’ll be contagious until Christmas Day, officially destroying any and all attempts to spend time with Hubs or anyone else over the Holiday.

2016 needs to hurry up and gtfo. It’s been one mess after another, and I’m over it. 

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