So this new apartment is much nicer than our other one. It’s basically the same layout, and the complex is run by the same property management company so all of that is the same, but this one seems to have had just a little bit extra care and attention given to it over the years. The complex was built at the same time as our old one, but this one isn’t in the shambles of neglect lol. 

I finally got all of our things organized and unpacked today. It feels cozy and comfortable again. It actually feels more cozy without a draft blowing through the entire place lol. Our old building was a westward facing building and no matter what happened there was always a cold draft blowing through. This one sits kind of catty corner to the South giving us a really nice windbreak, and SUNSHINE at all hours of daylight. 

Omg how I missed the sun!! We only got a few hours of dusk to come through the windows at our other place. It always felt dark and gloomy in there. Here I can open my blinds and enjoy the bright sunlight all day. I’ll probably hate it if we stay here through Summer, but right now when the days are short and the light is fleeting? I’ll take it!