I guess the move wiped me out more so than I thought. I curled up in bed at 7pm last night just after I got the kids in bed. Lol. 

I didn’t actually realize how loud my other apartment was until we got into this new one. I had neighbors upstairs at the last one who were in and out at all hours of the night, one of the upstairs toilets was constantly leaking creating a waterfall-esc sound in the plumbing, we had a pretty big common area off our back patio, but the way it was situated between the other buildings it sort of funneled the sound of traffic making it sound a lot closer to the road than it actually was, and it was a Westward facing building so the wind just cut right through making it always cold. No wonder my stress threshold was overwhelmed so much recently. Lol. 

Aside from our new neighbors having what smells like a million cats, because litter box odor is REAL when they open their door, I like this new set up. Still not the greatest being away from Hubs, but it seems much quieter, and over all peaceful here. Quiet enough that I can hear myself think again, and pretty cozy really going into a brisk Midwestern winter.

Just a few nights here of complete, sound sleep and I’m feeling much better. Still a little emotionally wobbly I guess is the best way to describe it, but much better over all. Just have to get everything unpacked and organized so I can get ready for the Twins birthday! I can’t believe they’re going to be 1 already. I know I’ve already said that like four times, but I seriously can’t believe it. 

It seems like just a few weeks ago I got to meet my Little Men, now B1 is almost walking, B2 has a massive vocabulary for a one year old, and I survived twin infancy! 🎉🎉🎉 Now we just have to see what’s in store for Twin toddlerhood lol.