So much stuff happened this weekend it feels like a total blur. My “weekend” started last Wednesday getting ready for the holiday on Thursday, and then we moved Friday-Sunday. Still not close enough for Hubs to commute comfortably but it should make visiting everyone over the Christmas Holiday a little bit easier anyway. We’re trying!! Lol. Eventually we might make it back to Indy, but at this point I’ve just become used to our long distance relationship. I think we actually spend more meaningful time together this way to be honest lol.

Our holiday went really well! It was the Twins’ first Thanksgiving. B1 wasn’t sure what to think about all the rich foods, and B2 loved every single bite. I can’t believe they’re going to be one on Thursday. This year has been so crazy hectic it doesn’t even feel like 365 days have passed. It feels very much like we’ve just hopped from one tragedy to the next, one crisis to the next, one outrage to the next. It’s been a rough one. This past weekend has been the THIRD move for us in less than a year.

Little is taking it like a champ, but it’s starting to wear on her. I wish I could just make everything better over night. Magically whisk us all away to a nice, big home, close to her Daddy and her friends. She had a pretty good Holiday too, but it was tinged with depression. She didn’t want to say goodbye to Hubs and couldn’t really enjoy herself. She was a really great help in the kitchen though! This was the first year she was really old enough to help.

She’s also big enough to get the dress up clothes out and Grandma and Grandpa’s house as you can see here, my little Snow White smashing chips for a side dish.

Hubs met us at my parents since he had to work right up until Thursday morning. We enjoyed the traditional meal stuffs with my family; then had a really nice afternoon out. We did my trauma anniversary thing, then spent the rest of the day between Starbucks and a movie. I was so impressed that he actually came with me for the first half. I mean he said he would when I talked about it with him a few weeks ago, but I really wasn’t expecting him to follow through with it. Hubs is a very stereotypical male when it comes to do with feelings. Having them, expressing them, getting stuck in them, anything emotional is normally off limits to him. I was very impressed and proud of him for taking that step with me.

THEN he sat in a Starbucks with me for HOURS. Talking about anything and everything that happened to pop into my head, which he rarely does with his social anxiety and being unable to smoke inside. Usually I’m lucky to get him to wait for me to finish my meal before he’s jittering around anxious about leaving. lol. He sat there patiently just letting me ramble; then we went to see a movie like we have done for the past few years. Except last year anyway, but last year I was 38 weeks pregnant and didn’t do much of anything.

I honestly thing this time apart has been really good for Hubs and I as a couple anyway. We got over our initial bump there at the beginning, and now things have just been getting better. The stress level trying to take care of the kids by myself is pretty wild, and I most definitely miss Hubs being home every night to cuddle up to, but over all I think there’s a lot more communication, and we’re some how closer after being forever apart. I’m finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel I’ve been fighting my way down these past few months. It’s been a rough couple of months. I haven’t been that low in a really long time.