Memory Lane Pt 2

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I was getting stuck on memories of my grandparents house. I pulled up the Google Earth image of the house to use in my original piece, but now that I’ve been sitting around at my parents house waiting for various foods to bake and such today I went through the literal boxes of photos stashed in the basement and found these gems!

My mom and random people I don’t know. That house in the background there is where Taurus Kid spent his time.
My uncle standing in the front yard Oct 68 before they planted the maple with the big leaves.
Mom’s high school graduation, West Carrollton class of 73. Kathy G.
Enxing in the snow! It used to be such a nice little suburb, now it’s forelorn and neglected.
323 in the Spring 85. There is a snippet of the maple in all of its glory.
My mom and uncle, fall 70 when the tree was new.
The Summer of Star Wars was ’96. Omg such an awkward year.

Somewhere in a box that I haven’t gotten to yet, there is a picture of me sitting in the leaves in front of 323 wearing my yellow sweater. There might even be a picture with Taurus Kid wandering around in the background. I’ve only made it through three out of six or seven boxes. Although I don’t know if I can handle going through too much more with my tactile memory recall. There are so many things flying back at me looking at pictures even casually, it’s been a rather emotionally exhausting day.

I still have most of the cooking to do, preparing for tomorrow… Can’t get lost in memories with a turkey in the oven!!

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