Twinlife Zone

So the Littles and I went out to the store yesterday. We usually don’t do our shopping on the weekends but with the holiday approaching and traveling all over the Midwest in our plans I decided to go ahead and get it out of the way. 

I had the Twins in their stroller, and Little in a shopping cart, which is quite a sight on a normal afternoon but yesterday there were so many people out preparing for festivities it was almost impossible to navigate. We made our way to the back of the store and into the baby section, picked up a few things then headed toward the other groceries only to run into a small traffic jam of people. I didn’t immediately notice until someone asked: “are they twins?” Assuming they were talking to me, I looked up and began to answer along with three other people in unison: “yes”.

The cluster of people happened to be FOUR DIFFERENT SETS OF TWINS. Adult twin sisters, two elementary age boys with their mom, 15 month old boy/girl twins with their parents, and my boys. At least one of the other parents were named Kelly, and it was the most hilarious and weird thing that I’ve encountered lately. We had a good laugh, did all the things that Twin Parents do when running into more twins then went on our way shopping. 

I know twins aren’t all that uncommon these days, and I know a bunch of twin parents back in Nowheresville. It’s just weird that we all sort of happened to converge at the same store, on the same day, in the same aisle in such large numbers. Lol.

They say Twins have a supposed higher level of consciousness, and are much more intune with the world. Maybe they also have some sort of weird gravitational pull where they’re drawn to each other too. Lol.