Good Reception 

So… after my heart arrhythmia fiasco last week I was supposed to follow up with my GP on Friday while I was in Indy. I called to make the appointment, and had the absolute worst time trying to get one. I’ve said it before, but I’m saying it again: I love my doctor. I despise the front desk staff. I found my doctor because he also runs the walk in, urgent care facility. I walked in a few times and he treated me so eventually I just decided to make him my doctor. The first few times making an appointment wasn’t an issue. Recently it’s been a nightmare. Any time I call to make an appointment for any reason the receptionist interrupts me, first of all; then generally refuses to make an appointment telling me simply to walk in if I need to be treated. 

Even explaining to her that I don’t live close by now, I really need to make appointments so I can arrange child care etc. She argues with me. This most recent time just pissed me off. (Which is always totally awesome with heart issues btw) I explained I had been to the ER, and was instructed to call and make an appointment to have some sort of heart monitor or something like that. She pulled up the notes from the ER which is literally down stairs in the same office as my doctor’s office, and still continued to argue with me. 

Finally she conceded that I would need an appointment to set up the monitor because it isn’t something that they could do on site with no notice, goes in and makes the appointment then asks me: what type of monitor do you need? I don’t know lady, if I knew what I needed to feel better and figure out why my heart is freaking out I wouldn’t be calling the doctor now would I?! 

Ugh…. So I really have no idea what so ever is going on with my health right now, and little hope that I’ll find out anytime soon. 

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