Date Night: Hale Style

Anyone who says PTSD isn’t a real, physical, illness owes me $50. Why? 

Instead of being able to spend the night out enjoying my favorite band, at my favorite venue with my Hubs and some good friends I ended up in the ER, after having a completely random triggering event causing my heart rate to skyrocket for seven minutes. It didn’t feel like a panic attack because I could still breathe, and I didn’t feel nervous or afraid. I just knew if I didn’t sit down and get out of the crowd immediately I was going to hit the floor.

Fresh air and water didn’t help, so we had to leave the venue AS SOON AS BLUE OCTOBER HIT THE STAGE. We didn’t even make it through the first song before I decided it was time to head to the hospital, genuinely thinking I was having a heart attack for the second time in less than three months. Nope. Something in the crowd triggered my fight or flight bodily response, but my mind was disconnected and didn’t play along. YAY PTSD.

So… our date night was completely derailed, and my GP wants to set me up with one of those heart monitor things for a few days to make sure it was just my broken brain and not an under lying heart issue of some kind. Most of my blood work came back normal, chest X-rays were normal, EKG was normal just seven random minutes of 140+ heart rate for no immediately obvious reason.

A couple months ago, after my first heart related episode I bought a Fitbit with the heart rate monitor just for this reason. I know they aren’t as accurate as medical grade monitors, but the info they collect does show the pattern of my heart rate even if the actual beats per minute is off just a bit. While I was hooked up to all of the other monitors in the ER Hubs and I actually tested it and discovered it was accurate within 4+/- bpm. That’s how the doctor was able to figure out where to start as far as diagnostics went, instead of running through the gambit trying to figure it out from “I almost passed out.” And how I’m able to set up the other more accurate monitoring through my GP. 

So yay Fitbit! I don’t really care about all the other info it collects, but it did prove valuable/effective from the heart rate perspective, plus the newest one doesn’t sync to GPS unless it’s tethered to your phone. That was a big deciding factor for me to take the plunge into biometric monitoring. Lol. I avoided it before simply because I didn’t want someone to hack into my account and track my location. This way even if they do, they only know where I happened to be the last time I chose to sync it and not exactly where I am when I’m wearing it. 

In other less urgent news:

One of the labs they ran for my blood work was a thyroid screening. I, like my Little B2, have indicators of hypothyroidism. Which is actually one of the myriad of side effects of long term PTSD hormone imbalance. Not entirely surprising but it does explain my stubborn chub regardless of how well I eat or how much I exercise. The labs they ran weren’t intensive, so in addition to my fancy heart monitor I get a full thyroid panel. Hallelujah, I might finally be rid of my stubborn chub!! 

So all in all, Date Night was nothing what we planned, but at least beneficial for my overall long term health? Lol. Hey… Hubs and I had a night to ourselves with out the kids, and before my body freaked out I had a really good time with our friends. We got half way to our goal anyway, even though we missed the show. 

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