Back to Square One

I will not be moving into the abyss after all!! Hubs and I put an offer in on a home over the weekend. Apparently while the entire interior of the home was redone, the septic system needs to be replaced, and because the septic system needs repair the well is contaminated. So YEAH… that’s a big fat nope no matter how amazing the kitchen is.

I can’t say I’m entirely disappointed. We have other options that are just as exciting as our first pick, and they’re not surrounded by Corn Goonies. Lol. Still, I was  looking forward to being together for the holidays and right now going back out on the hunt, it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen. It’s much better that we found out about the septic and well issues BEFORE we ended up purchasing the house, so meh. 

There will be other kitchens! Better kitchens! Inside houses that aren’t a health hazard to the Littles. It was a nice little burst of hope there for a while. I’ve been having a difficult time with my Rogue Memories popping up, and I was starting to feel the pull of depression pulling me down. Even though the house didn’t work out, it was enough to pull me out of my funk. 

Plus, tomorrow I get to spend the day with my Hubs and see Blue October (my absolute favorite band) for the second time this year!! *fan girl squeal* Plus, I got some other really exciting news that isn’t blog worthy just yet. 😜