Goodbye, Dixie

This pup refused to stay in her collar after she figured out how to slip out of it. Three days in a row she got off her leash and took off. If our apartment wasn’t situated at a busy 4 lane intersection it would be annoying. Our apartment is at a busy 4 lane intersection and every time she slipped off her leash it was life and death. After watching her almost get hit three times, I finally broke down and took her to an animal shelter yesterday. I’ve been fighting so hard to keep this dog for my Little’s sake with all of the transitions happening recently, and it just wasn’t working out. 

Dropping the dog off last night was the worst experience in my recent life (and that’s saying a lot with the year we’ve had) watching my Little say good bye to her best furry friend. Little was crying, I was crying, Dixie was crying, and it was just a mess all around. My brain short circuited and I couldn’t answer any of the intake questions without stutter-mumbling, and I need a giant adult beverage to calm my nerves. Still. An entire day later. 

I’d say the stress of the massive amounts of WTF in 2016 is definitely starting to catch up with me. Thank God, it’s almost over and we can try again for 2017. Lol. Ugh…

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