My Little Men are ELEVEN MONTHS OLD today. 😳 B2 hasn’t been feeling well taking up most of my extra time, which is why I’ve been kind of quiet around here recently. I barely have time to think for myself, let alone pull out the phone/computer and blog. He needs all of the extra snuggles. I can’t tell if he has a cold or he’s teething or he has an ear infection. If he doesn’t start feeling better tomorrow I’ll have to take him to get checked out. 

Hubs and I have also been busily looking for houses. We found a few we really like, now it’s just a matter of narrowing it down to which one we want and hoping our offer gets accepted. They’re all in Nowheresville. I’m not happy about where they are, but the houses themselves are awesome. My favorite is a refinished Victorian. 

I fell in love with it as soon as I saw the wrap around porch. It doesn’t have a huge yard, but it’s more than enough to keep the kids entertained and the dog exercised. Plus it’s got a huge 6′ privacy fence all the way around the lot. It’s right in the middle of Nowheresville, but it feels secluded. 

That’s my favorite. Hubs fell in love with a tiny 60’s brick ranch style home in the literal middle of NOWHERE. Not middle of Nowheresville, but actual nowhere. It doesn’t even have a street name, just county road and longitudinal directions. It does come with two and a half wooded acres, and a creek so that’s kind of neat, but the house itself was built in ’62 and hasn’t been updated since. Original everything. Plus it’s sat unoccupied for several years in the middle of nowhere. 

Yes… that’s the one Hubs has his heart set on. If it had been updated at any point from its conception until now, I wouldn’t really be against it, but as soon we buy it something major will break, or the utility bill will be outrageous, or it will snow four feet trapping us ill prepared, the well will dry up or the septic system will fail and then Hubs will panic taking on the extra financial burden to fix whatever breaks. 

I love my Hubs. I also know my Hubs. He thinks he wants that house, but he doesn’t. lol. He wants it for the novelty like a new hobby, but when it comes time to take care of it or update it? It’ll be up to me to hire someone to get it done. So I guess the reality is that I don’t want to take on that responsibility. I don’t want to live there at all, my compromise is returning to Nowheresville. I’m finding it difficult to return to Nowheresville to a house barely bigger than the one we sold just because it has land. There are a few more we’re considering too, but these two are our immediate OMG I NEED THAT HOUSE houses. Lol. 

We still aren’t sure if we want to tackle buying a house right at the beginning of the holiday season either. Hubs wants us home ASAP, I’m all in favor of that idea, but I’m dreading the move. I’m also having a really hard time moving back to the middle of nowhere. Like we went to visit Hubs, Sunday and I literally cried once we got there. It’s not my husband, or any of the stupid recent bs with his family that’s the issue, it’s the overwhelming isolation and silence that comes with nowhere. It sucks the life right out of me, and I don’t feel like Hubs really understands that because he craves solitude to recharge. I flourish in the chaos of urban life, and wither in seclusion. Hubs is the exact and literal opposite. 

Usually we balance each other out, but making big life changing decisions like buying a house feel impossible. Maybe we can just buy two houses closer to each other? Lol. I’ll live in the burbs and he can live in a shack in the woods. XD 

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